RRK Associates, Ltd. is a national roof consulting firm providing various services for clients consisting of inspection and analysis of existing roof systems, moisture surveys, roof replacement documentation preparation including roof plans & details, construction inspection services associated with roof repair and/or replacement, and other services. Our roof consulting services can be scaled to accommodate your needs, all capable of being scaled from a single building to a portfolio containing thousands of buildings. RRK Associates, Ltd. has consulted on roofs in all 50 US states, multiple Canadian provinces, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands.

RRK Associates, Ltd. doesn't represent any roofing manufacturers, make any roofing repairs, or install any roof assemblies but instead provides an unbiased roofing perspective that has only your best interests in mind.

Since incorporation in 1981, RRK Associates, Ltd. has provided consulting and inspection services on millions of square feet of roof every year totaling over ONE BILLION square feet of roof.